March 01, 2006

Music of Bangladesh - Lalon, Baul, Nazrul, Tagore and Dance

Bangladesh is traditionally very rich in its musical heritage. From the ancient times, music documented the lives of the people. The store of folk song abounds in spiritual lyrics of Lalan Shah, Hasan Raja, Romesh Shill and many anonymous lyricists. Bangla music arena is enriched with Jari, Shari, Bhatiali, Murshidi and other types of folk songs. Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Sangeet are Bangalees' precious heritage. Modern music is also practiced widely. Contemporary patterns have more inclinations to west. Pop song and band groups are also coming up mainly in Dhaka City.

Classical forms of the sub-continent predominate in Bangladeshi dance. The folk, tribal and Middle Eastern traits are also common. Among the tribal dances, particularly popular are Monipuri and Santal.

Bangladesh is known for its individual music style in the region like Gomvhira in Chapainawabganj.
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