February 01, 2008

The Cyclone in Bangladesh

The cyclone SIDR has severely unsettled the lives of millions; as a nation we need to stand behind this calamity and show our fraternity. People of all walks should really come forward and help to mitigate the giant catastrophe that had swept the nation and thousands have died and/or have been maimed. It is now around a few weeks since the cyclone hit us; the media coverage is slowing coming down, but we need to remind ourselves daily about the devastation that SIDR brought onto us. Let us ignite our moral fabric, grasp the reality of the cyclone affected people and do whatever in our capacity to help our brothers and sister leading tormented, desperate and hungry lives. Let us assuage them for losing their near and dear ones.

It was my recommendation that each institution, village, person and community come ahead to support with food, clothing, shelter and education for the children of these affected community. We saw Bangladesh getting together during this catastrophe and that should that as a nation we have the resolve to move ahead. Now, we need to worry about finding these people work as relief itself can only sustain them for weeks or months but the labor market and the economy of the area has to continue. I have read that electricity in some areas had been severed and that the connections were being slowly given. I would urge the government to give utmost importance to this matter and plan to create jobs for the people of the community. Special efforts by the citizens of Bangladesh may be given to accommodate some of these affected people in business enterprises in the area and even at other industrial areas and larger cities. Let us show our citizens’ responsibility by working alongside the government. I would also like to appeal the corporate sector companies to come forward during these desperate hours in the history of Bangladesh and provide them jobs so that they can once again stand on their own two feet.

Ziaur Rahman