December 22, 2008

Investment in Bangladesh: Grameen Phone

"The Dhaka Stock Exchange(DSE) index almost doubled in value in 2007, despite martial law and the overthrow of a democratic government."-Yahoo finance.

Here in Wrexham, UK I met two Bangladeshi (Now british) citizens have invested in the DSE for couple of months. and their fortune has grown lot.
Unlike many markets in Asia, such as India which has plummeted by a quarter this year, DSE has held on to most of its gains.

Grameenphone, a Norwegian-controlled mobile phone company, is set to become Bangladesh's biggest initial public offering with a domestic flotation worth up to $150m and a preceding share placement of a further $150m.

Citigroup Global Markets has conducted the valuation of the company.

With the listing on the capital market, the company will get 10 percentage point corporate tax exemption from 45 percent.

Capital and Housing market are the growing sectors in Bangladesh, while it's big headache in other parts of the worlds.