February 26, 2006

Breakthrough – Bangladeshi Scientist ……….

Bangladeshi scientist has won the prestigious TWAS award 2005

The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World has announced its 2005 award. Dr. Shah M. Faruque of ICDDR,B has won the prize in Medical Science: for his contributions to the understanding of natural phenomena associated with cholera epidemics. His research focuses on the use of advanced molecular biology techniques to address significantly to the understanding of the molecular epidemiology of such diseases of cholera.

For more: TWAS Medical News Today ICDDR,B

Garlic-laced crops ward off insects:

Insects dislike the smell of garlic as much as human beings do, according to a Bangladeshi scientist who has used it to develop an environment-friendly alternative to pesticide. "The garlic tablet is a bio-pesticide and is effecting a revolution by avoiding chemical pesticides for control of pathogens and insects," Bahadur Meah, head of the Integrated Pest Management Laboratory, said.

More info: World Scientist ABC News

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