March 10, 2006

Energy from Coastal Wind in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the lowest energy consumed and densely populated country in the world. Only around 32% of total population is getting electricity and mostly covers the urban areas. But almost 76% of population is living in rural areas. Year by year energy demand is increasing. In rural areas above 75% of energy comes from Biomass. Natural gas is the only available sources of conventional energy for electricity production in Bangladesh which will be depleted within 15 years. World is now running for alternative sources of energy like solar, wind, tidal, micro-hydro. Also these are now must for sustainable environment by reducing the global warming.
Recent study and analysis on solar and wind energy assessment in Bangladesh show that in the coastal areas few Inlands and Islands should have fairly wind potentiality. It is to be mentioned that till now in the coastal and remote areas less then 3% of population are enjoying grid electricity. So far solar home system in Bangladesh is playing an important role both to meet the minimum energy demand and economic development in rural and remote areas. Now it’s time to think for wind……. (more)